My freelance design services...

Brand Imaging Services

Custom Graphics & Branding
Logos, Advertisements, Publications & Stationary Designs

I believe that your brand image is essential to your business because it enables consumers to recognize and identify with your business name, sign, symbol, slogan or anything that is used to identify and distinguish specific products, services, or your business as a whole.

Print Ad Services

Print Media Publications
Advertisements and Layouts for Newspapers, Magazine, Booklets, Pamphlets & Other Publication Designs

Printed Media Publication is one of the oldest and most widely used forms of advertising your products, services and business. A well designed print publication - consist of a well balanced use of graphics, typography, color and layout - which are essential for attracting the readers interest in your products and services.

Web Design Services

Website Design & Maintenance
Web Design using HTML & XHTML, CSS and Java Script - including SEO & Internet Marketing

A well designed website is more then pretty pictures and text. A well designed site is carefully structured and has a good balance of design, text, search engine optimization(SEO). But web design does not end there you must also learn to drive traffic to your site via Web 2.0, Social Media & Article Marketing.

Personal Works Services

Digital Imaging & Design

Photo Restoration & Retouching, Invitation Design, and Other Digital Imaging

I am also very proficient with photo editing and retouching, as well as photo characterizing. I have designed several, invitations and greeting cards for weddings, birthday, showers and other special occasions.